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Just Happy Hours is a mobile app that helps people meet new people at happy hour events they set up at local restaurants and bars. Sign up for our newsletter to enter our $25 gift card giveaway!

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    For Investors

    The Just Happy Hours app solves three critical problems in today’s market:

    • Existing make-new-friends (non-dating) apps focus on online experience via social media, chat, and messaging, often not conducive to authentic friendships
    • Existing make-new-friends and meet-up apps offer negligible opportunities to increase restaurant revenue and are so expensive as to not provide Return on Investment (ROI)
    • Information that is not available in database form in the current market: Restaurants that serve full bars, beer and wine, only beer, and only wine; offer happy hours, days and times of happy hours, and happy hour food and beverage specials; and offer the same info on late night happy hours.

    We are seeking qualified investors to grow with the best happy hour on the market. Contact us for details now!

    For Restaurants

    Set up a free restaurant profile on the app and generate revenue from new and returning guests! With the Just Happy Hours App, users set up happy hour events at local restaurants to meet new people. Be sure your restaurant or bar is included in the database so you can benefit from this fun new app! No credit card is required, and standard listings are always free.

    When you sign up, we’ll provide details on our Gold Membership. For only $299 per quarter, your restaurant will enjoy top visibility in app search results, the ability to add details on Late Night Happy Hours and Special Events to your bar or restaurant profile, and the ability to set up and market your own events (Trivia Nights, Fight Nights, Monday Night Football, Live Music, etc.)! Set up your free listing. There is no obligation, and no credit card is required!

    The Just Happy Hours app increases overall traffic and sales from incremental drink sales, appetizers and even entrees and desserts, since most attendees stay on for dinner. Since the app encourages users to meet new people, you’ll also grow your customer base by introducing patrons to your restaurant who would not have ventured out on their own. Set up your free restaurant listing now!

    For Users

    Do you want to “get more social” – in person? Would you like to meet new people in your area in a way that is fast, easy, and fun, with no commitment or expectations? Whether you are new in town, a long-time resident, or just visiting, the happy hour app from Just Happy Hours is perfect for you. Download it now!

    On the Just Happy Hours app, you are in control. Create a Happy Hour event or join an existing one. Set up an event in advance or join a Happy Hour on the spur of the moment. Here’s how people use the app:

    • New in town and interested in making new friends
    • In the city for a job interview and seeking info on best places to live from locals
    • Working away from their hometown on their birthday and seeking a casual get-together
    • Nothing binge-worthy on Netflix and a desire to have fun!

    Explore the app now!

    About US

    The Just Happy Hours app helps the user find a happy hour today and set up their own event for free to make friends quickly and easily. We’re proud to help people who want to meet new people do so in a low-key, no-pressure environment.

    The Just Happy Hours team is comprised of bright, progressive individuals with extensive expertise in digital, tech, and startups. We’re fascinated by the opportunities created by putting new spins on old technology.

    The Just Happy Hours app does just that. It’s a revenue-generation model based on who benefits most from the app – in this case, restaurants. It’s free for users, including event creators, and gives them more flexibility and control than other apps in this space. The Just Happy Hours app also mitigates a pervasive problem that’s found in every demographic – loneliness. We want to help people meet people in a fun, casual, no-pressure environment.

    Want to learn more? We want to share! Whether you’re a potential investor, venue, or user, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today!


    Download the app, find a happy hour nearby, set up a Happy Hour event, and that’s it! People who are interested in Happy Hours in your location will automatically be notified. You’ll be able to track RSVPs so you’ll know who to look for when you arrive.

    You can also RSVP to Happy Hours created by others. Just search for existing events, RSVP, and show up! Ask for the Just Happy Hours event at the door and get ready to meet friendly, interesting people.

    Just Happy Hours events are fun, casual, and easy. They are not networking or speed-dating events, so there are no expectations. Just show up, say hello, and leave when you like!

    Ready to learn more? We want to hear from you! Whether you’re a potential investor, venue, or user, contact us!

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